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What wind conditions result in high wind warnings, escorts, partial closures, and full closures?

Posted on February 14th, 2023

Here are the speeds that trigger different wind warnings and closures. These speeds are not for gusts; they are sustained winds from any direction. These are minimum conditions resulting in advisories and closures but restrictions may be put in place at lower wind speeds if other hazardous conditions are present:

  • 0-20 mph: No restrictions. Bridge speed limit is 45 mph.
  • 20-35 mph: High wind advisory. High-profile vehicles (RVs, trailers, etc.) should travel no faster than 20 mph across the bridge.
  • 35-50 mph: Escorts required. Any high-profile vehicles must wait to be escorted across the bridge. Escorts ensure that high-profile vehicles travel at speeds of less than 20 mph, depending on conditions.
  • 50-65 mph: Partial closure. The bridge is closed to high-profile vehicles. Passenger vehicles that are not towing anything may cross but at no more than 20 mph.
  • 65 mph and above: The bridge is closed to all traffic.
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