Mackinac Bridge Authority

Spanning the Straits of Mackinac since 1957


2015 THROUGH 2018

Electrical Upgrade


In mid-April, the Mackinac Bridge Authority begins our general maintenance and painting programs. In addition, contractors are hired to work on projects on the bridge and our grounds.

Bridge Repainting

Complete paint removal and reapplication of primer and surface paint
Time frame: Ongoing all season for years 2014-2017

In-Depth Cable Inspection

Inspection of sections of the suspension cable system of the bridge
Time frame: July and August 2014

Deck Grating Replacement

Remove and replace sections of open grating on the suspended spans
Time frame: Spring and Fall of 2014-2017

Truss Member Beam Repairs

Various steel repairs to the structural members of the bridge
Time frame: Ongoing all season 2014-2017

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