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Spanning the Straits of Mackinac since 1957

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    Mission Statement: The Mackinac Bridge Authority is committed to preserve and maintain the State of Michigan’s single largest asset and one of the world’s leading suspension bridges to provide safe, pleasurable and expedient passage over the Straits of Mackinac for economic benefit and improved quality of life.

    Attention MacPass Customers:
    MacPass cards are no longer accepted at the Mackinac Bridge. If you have a MacPass account, you need to upgrade to a sticker by either accessing you account online or stopping in our office 24/7. Customers that do not have the sticker will have to pay by alternate payment method. MacPass Website

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    High wind conditions (35-49) at the #Mackinac Bridge requiring escorts for most vehicles northbound and southbound. Reduce speed to 20 mph when approaching bridge. Turn on 4 way flashers and use the outside lane.

    Windy conditions (20-34mph) at the #MackinacBridge could affect high-profile vehicles (pickup trucks w/campers, motor homes, vehicles pulling trailers, enclosed semi-truck trailers). Reduce speed to 20mph max, turn on 4-way flashers & use outside lane

    High winds (35-49mph) at the #MackinacBridge are requiring escorts for high-profile vehicles. Slow to 20mph approaching bridge & prepare to stop. Bridge personnel stationed at both ends of bridge will provide instructions on how & when to proceed..

    Kim Nowack, Executive Secretary of the MBA, reported today


    Please wear your mask at Mackinac Bridge toll booths

    The Michigan State Police is investigating a case of felony trespassing on the Mackinac Bridge


    To receive a text alert if the Mackinac Bridge goes into full or partial closure text MacBridge to 67283.