Mackinac Bridge Authority

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MacPass Information

MacPass is the Mackinac Bridge Authority’s exclusive prepaid toll-account program, which uses windshield-mounted stickers to keep customers rolling with the quickest and easiest toll payment. MacPass customers can use toll lanes designated for MacPass by the overhead signs, or any open lane. Using MacPass means that customers don’t need to worry about carrying cash or being slowed with a credit card transaction.

Though the MacPass is not exclusively for commuter customers, MacPass holders with passenger vehicles can still qualify for the commuter discount toll if they make both a northbound and southbound trip within 36 hours. The toll will be $4 for the first trip but customers will not be charged for the return trip if completed within 36 hours.

  • You can have as many stickers as you need on your account. They are $1.00 each and you will need vehicle information for each sticker (plate, make, model, color, and year for each vehicle)
  • Opening a new account is $80.00 (deposit) + $7.00 (admin fee) + $1.00 (for each sticker).
  • Customers can stop in our office 24/7 to get their MacPass sticker tags.
  • Customers can also order MacPass sticker tags online by logging into their account.
  • To log into your MacPass account follow these steps:
    Visit website
    Select Activate Web Access from bottom right corner of home screen
    Enter your account number, next
    Enter your email address on account, submit
    Look for your email that lets you set up your username and password

If you have further questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.