Mackinac Bridge Authority

Spanning the Straits of Mackinac since 1957

April Traffic Report

Posted on June 15th, 2023
Kim Nowack, Bridge Director of the MBA, reported today that 243,970 vehicles crossed the Mackinac Bridge during the month of April compared to 231,805 in 2022.
For the month of April, traffic was up 5.2% and fare revenue was up 2.4% compared to last year.
The Mackinac Bridge Authority has scheduled a substantial amou… Read More

Mackinac Bridge enters the busy season for traffic and maintenance work

Posted on June 6th, 2023
As traffic picks up on the Mackinac Bridge for the traditional increase in warmer season travel, so does the work required to maintain this engineering icon. The Mackinac Bridge Authority’s (MBA) team of dedicated maintenance staff is out on the bridge deck, replacing pieces of the original decking, repair… Read More