Mike Rowe, host of Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs," comes to northern Michigan on Friday, May 25

June 27, 2007

The Mackinac Bridge episode of Dirty Jobs will air on Tuesday August 7, 2007 at 9:00 P.M.

Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" (and his crew) filmed the challenging work performed by the Mackinac Bridge Authority crews in May 2007. The show will highlight the daunting work bridge maintenance crews perform each year on the structure. Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) officials announced the project is a unique opportunity to showcase the significant work done in Michigan on the landmark structure known as the "Mighty Mac."
"Our crews take an incredible amount of pride in what they do," said MBA Administrator Bob Sweeney. "I would describe our maintenance activities as daunting or difficult, as opposed to dirty. But, it takes a special person to meet the challenges of the job. Our crews are preserving the integrity of the bridge. They are the reason it will be here at least another 50 years."
MBA Chief Engineer Kim Nowack said "This opportunity will gain national exposure for our employees and will showcase the awesome work they do that often goes unnoticed."
1957-2007: The Mighty Mac - Linking Michigan’s Peninsulas for 50 years

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